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Fellow Photog Friday: Victorian Key Photography


It’s Fellow Photog Friday! Each Friday, we put aside a few moments to showcase a fellow photographer to our readers. We will learn what brings us together, what makes us different, and be inspired by each other’s images.

Ann Perdue

Ann Perdue

Victorian Key Photography

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Santa Clarita, California

© Victorian Key Photography

© Victorian Key Photography

Victorian Key Photography is a two-man show ran by Ann Perdue and her lovely husband. “This is OUR business together.” she tells us.

As a young child, Ann loved art and would draw something every day since she could hold a pencil. She drew houses, animals, trees, flowers…you name it; she drew it! Knowing that she would always do something with her love art, she picked up a camera the moment her first child was born. By the time her oldest had turned nine, she had taken thousands of images and with each one her love of photography grew. To this day, she still learns how to improve her art and believes that every session is the ability to learn more about lighting, how to pose, where to place props and much more.

“I’m not perfect, but I am excited to learn and help others learn with me.” she says.

© Victorian Key Photography

© Victorian Key Photography

Graduating from high school in 1997, Ann attended college for two more years. During her high school years, she enjoyed stagecraft and loved the art of drama club; participating in stage set up and managing a full house for plays. In college, she took up Theatre Arts and adored it simply because of the art.  She stated, “I never thought of taking photography classes because at that time I didn’t think of being a photographer.” Currently, Ann is self-taught in photography and receives help from photographer friends, online forums, research and of course, the Fabulous Photogs group on Facebook!

© Victorian Key Photography

© Victorian Key Photography

When asked about her inspiration, Ann exclaimed, “I’d have to God is! To be able to photograph a pregnant woman makes me feel so warm inside to capture something so beautiful that will last forever. Children playing; me capturing those silly faces that Mom and Dad recognize (it ends up being a favorite photo). The “Thank You” from Mom and Dad for taking that shot of their child with that face they make and now they’ll always remember it once he/she is older and that stage fades…the photograph is forever for them. The fact that we are created by God and to have these precious moments in life is amazing and awesome! Hope that all makes sense.”

© Victorian Key Photography

© Victorian Key Photography

Ann’s photography role model is the amazing Trent Black. Her husband met and worked with him and became good friends. Although Trent is her favorite, Ann has many other inspirational roles models as well.

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